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Project 2 NW SPTC Socium – I.V. Tanaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials of RAS KSC: establishment of Centre for Synthesis of New Functional Materials (CSNM) in Apatity, Murmansk Region

As a result of R&D on sorbents, academician V.T. Kalinikov proposed to establish a center for synthesis of new functional materials (sorbents) in Apatity science campus (Fersmana str., 34). RosRao together with experts from NW SPTC Socium, RAS KSC nanocentre and Saint-Petersburg State University have conducted several meetings on reprocessing of scheduled and non-scheduled liquid radioactive waste into durable titanate ceramics for long-term immobilization of most radionuclides. The list of the equipment necessary for establishing a centre for new functional materials (CNFM) in Apatity has been developed and delivered to RosRao.

Besides, at this stage scientists managed to synthesize a number of new titanate sorbents, which are capable to effectively purify liquid radioactive waste (LRW) and which allow their further long-term disposal in the form of durable solid raw material (titanate ceramics). It is a real breakthrough that many laboratories in the world, which deal with LRW purification, have been striving for. This method of LRW utilization has been approved by RosRao administration and scientific and technical council and patented by us.