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International symposium in Japan

Resuming our participation in the International Symposium in Japan we have also made a certain conclusion. Special-purpose companies, such as Chemical Force, propose the supplying companies of Hitachi type hundreds of different sorbents, and LHT-9 is among them. The testing of the sorbents is carried out by Hitachi. 

Under the chaotic conditions after the accident at Fukushima NPP a huge number of Japanese and foreign companies rushed to Hitachi and other suppliers to ask them for help in conducting the study of different products, including sorbents.

During our visit to Japan to take part in the symposium we also had a number of meetings with Japanese experts, including experts from Hitachi company, where we made a presentation of our work: Polifunctional adsorbent LHT-9: all-in-one platform for the development of multi-nuclide removal system.