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News SZ NPTU Society

January 2020 года

New Natural Minerals

Experts from NW SPTC Socium are going to publish a paper in a scientific journal Biosphere. The paper is dedicated to a currently important issue of the discovery of new natural minerals with industrially valuable properties, their thorough study, synthesis of their artificial analogues and determining the fields and methods for their application. The authors of the article describe their search for possibilities for decontamination of Russian Arctic coast from liquid radioactive waste (LRW).

December 2019 года

Joint Innovation Enterprise

NW SPTC Socium and Saint-Petersburg State University have completed the first stage of organising a joint innovation enterprise to conduct futher experimental work with titanate sorbents based on the programme developed by Leonid P. Churilov. Yury G. Pokrovsky is appointed the Director of the enterprise. The cofounders of the enterprise are Saint-Petersburg State University, with 33.4% of voices and shares. The enterprise has been registered in the General State Register of Legal Persons and Individual Enterprises.

November 2019 года

Cooperation in the Field of Medical Technologies

Saint-Petersburg State University and NW SPTC Socium have signed a contract on scientific cooperation. In the framework of the contract the Parties are going to develop and organise sustainable long-term cooperation aimed at conducting scientific research in the field of application of nanocomposite titanate sorbents in radionuclide and extracorporal medical technologies. The contract will also allow the practical use of the scientific research data acquired together with SPbSU, as well as implementation of titanate sorbents in medical practice.

Following the contract with Saint-Petersburg State University NW SPTC Socium has started preparing an application for a patent “Methods of Nanocomposite Titanate Sorbents Application in Radionuclide and Extracorporal Medical Technologies”.

October 2019 года

Patent Received

Following the application from November 2018 V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute and NW SPTC Socium have received a patent for a complex for immobilisation of radionuclides from liquid HLW.

The location of the equipment for synthesis of the sorbent, sorption hub and hot cell furnace in the same space has allowed to create an independent autonomous non-stop cycle of immobilisation, which can be suspended at any stage of work. As a result, the complex utilises radionuclides turning liquid HLW into stable highly active ceramics, with the volume of 100-200 times less than initial volume of the waste.

May 2019 года

Memorandum on the joint work

After several joint experimental works and a number of consultations experts from 35th Shiprepairing Plant, a subsidiary of Siprepairing Centre Zvezdochka, and NW SPTC Socium have signed a Memorandum on the joint work on the project.

The project is following the Instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation # 371 from 29.03.2019 on “decommissioning and following rehabilitation of the site of radioactive waste temporary storage”. We have already successfully conducted the preliminary works.

February 2019 года

The Second Version of the Equipment for LHT-9 Synthesis

Experts from NW SPTC Socium working group have started development of the second version of the equipment for LHT-9 sorbent synthesis with an output of up to 10kg per day. This is another step to the development of industrial equipment.

         To develop the technical task and working design, we have engaged experts from Ural-HTK (Urals Chemical and Technical Company, Director – Valery N. Usov). This work was discussed in January 2019 in Ozersk, which confirms the commitment of the Parties to the joint work.  

The Parties have started their joint work on the development of the second version of the equipment for the synthesis of non-selective titan sorbent LHT-9. Ural-HTK proposed to design (first stage) and to produce the equipment (second stage).

January 2019 года

continuing the works on pilot plant

In the view of continuing the works on NW SPTC Socium pilot plant for the synthesis of titan sorbent, Saint-Petersburg State University applied to V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute and proposed to discuss the issue at a meeting with the participation of NW SPTC Socium.   

November 2018 года

A Complex for radionuclides immobilization from liquid HLW

Exparts from V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute and NW SPTC Socium have synthesised LHT-9 sorbent on Socium equipment and have finilised a number of experiments with liquid high level radioactive waste. A patent for Complex for Radionuclides Immobilisation from Liquid HLW has been applied for. 

The invention can be applied in atomic energy, in particular in decontamination of liquid high-level radioactive waste by its solidification into stable matrix form, which can be aquired through HLW sorption on the non-selective universal sorbent. 


September 2018 года

International symposium in Japan

Resuming our participation in the International Symposium in Japan we have also made a certain conclusion. Special-purpose companies, such as Chemical Force, propose the supplying companies of Hitachi type hundreds of different sorbents, and LHT-9 is among them. The testing of the sorbents is carried out by Hitachi. 

Under the chaotic conditions after the accident at Fukushima NPP a huge number of Japanese and foreign companies rushed to Hitachi and other suppliers to ask them for help in conducting the study of different products, including sorbents.

During our visit to Japan to take part in the symposium we also had a number of meetings with Japanese experts, including experts from Hitachi company, where we made a presentation of our work: Polifunctional adsorbent LHT-9: all-in-one platform for the development of multi-nuclide removal system.

July 2018 года

The specialists of NW SPTC Socium have conducted negotiations with representatives of Japanese buisness (Chemical Force), who have tested the sorbent and confirmed the prospect of its industrial implementation at Fukushma NPP. As a holder of patent and technology of use and production of LHT-9 sorbent NW SPTC Socium has recieved an invitation and accredetation to take part in an international symposium on LNW decontamination, which will take place in Japan at the beginning of August.