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NW SPTC Socium today

NW SPTC Socium today

From research and development to production and business.

Since 2013 private enterprise NW SPTC Socium (Murmansk) has been trying to realize one of the concepts of Kola chemical and technological cluster through its cofounders’ private funds. This revolutionary innovation in the field of liquid radioactive waste utilization is based on unique qualities of the minirals of the Khibiny Mountains.

Nowadays NW SPTC Socium is setting up a chemical and technological cluster – a structure specializing in the field of implementation, information and analytical services, development and maintenance of investment projects, as well as scientific and research problems of the society.

In this context, NW SPTC Socium, together with its partners, has taken part in organizing a number of international meetings. 

Among them are:

2015 – NW SPTC Socium, together with RosRao, took part in the international exhibition Atomeco-15 in Moscow. NW SPTC Socium demonstrated its project “Techology of direct reprocessing of LNW into titanate ceramics”

2016 – at the invitation od Belarus NPP project manager NW SPTC Socium took part in a meeting with NPP experts and delivered a presentation of the project “Reprocessing of scheduled and non-sheduled liquid nuclear waste of verious composition into durable titanate ceramics for long-term immobilization of most radionuclides”

2016 – NW SPTC Socium sponsored and participated, together with 12 experts from other countries, in an international working meeting devoted to nuclear waste management in V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute in St.Petersburg

2016 – NW SPTC Socium, together with Boris Burakov from V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, took part in VI International Conference “Nuclear Technologies of the XXI Century” in Minsk (Belarus, Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – SOSNY, Belarus National Academy of Sciences, October 25-27, 2016).